10 of the Best Premium Sedans Under $100 K

The formula is simple – power, elegance, and comfort. There are no other type of car which is more elegant than a luxury sedan. Whether you drive it or be driven in after a long day of work, a luxury sedan will be the classiest choice for any man.

First, I know what you are thinking who cares about premium sedans when the market seems like everyone wants to buy big SUVs. I don’t know about you, but in my opinion, an SUV will never be as formal as an executive sedan is.

Second, I see why many people prefer to buy an SUV over other types, but one thing I will never understand is what an estate car can’t do that an SUV can – despite the high seating position, but back to the topic.

I am listing the best premium sedans that you can buy on the market today. Lucky for us, who prefer to drive sedans, we still have a few great ones on the market.

Volvo S90

First on the list is the Swedish prodigy. If someone had told me two decades ago that I wanted to add a Volvo-made sedan to the list of premium cars, I probably would have looked at them in confusion. However, these days, the Swedes make some of the best cars on the market at a reasonable price. Premium materials, a sophisticated interior, and a unique exterior design are just a few characteristics of the flagship Volvo S90. The days of dull and boxy Volvo design are long gone.

2021 Black Volvo S90 Luxury Sedan
Volvo S90 captured by © Motor 1

The new range of Volvo models features modern Hybrid and all-electric powertrains and an impressive minimalist interior and exterior design. After all, the Swedes are the grandfather of minimalist design – they just need some time to use it in their cars the right way.

Mercedes Benz E-Class

The grandfather of automotive luxury and elegance. The latest iteration of the E-Class is no exception to the principles of Mercedes Benz. I don’t know if there’s any car lover who wouldn’t know the German manufacturer Mercedes-Benz, the founder Karl Benz invented the car itself. Nowadays, Mercedes-Benz is associated with luxury and performance, and the E-Class was always the reasonable choice between the C- and S-Class. You got almost all the gadgets of the flagship S-Class in a slightly smaller form and at a lower price tag.

Grey Mercedes Benz E-Class
Mercedes Benz E-Class captured by © Top Gear

Lexus LS

If you are looking for something different than the usual German trio, the flagship of Lexus can be the perfect alternative. The new Lexus LS features a beautiful interior and a bold exterior. The luxury brand of Toyota perfectly combines luxury, performance, and reliability.

Greay Lexus LS on the Highway
©Lexus LS

Genesis G90

Genesis is the premium brand of Kia like Audi is to Volkswagen. It made a long journey until it arrived at its current position, but nowadays, Genesis makes some of the best-looking cars in 2022. A bold front end and premium styling make an unmistakable first impression – optimal handling and uncompromising comfort leave a lasting one. World-class Genesis G90 stands out among a family of showstoppers, exemplifying dedication to ingenuity through high-quality design and innovative technologies – to quote the words of Genesis.

Burgundy Genesis G90
Genesis G90 captured by © Car and Driver

BMW 5 Series

For those looking for a sporty yet premium sedan. The BMW 5 Series is probably the sportiest car on this list. BMW has a long history of driver-focused cars. – Division M is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. If you’re looking for a vehicle that will not only take you to your meeting but also accommodate two child seats in the back while maintaining a sporty driving experience, then the BMW 5 Series is the car for you.

Blue BMW 5 Series
BMW 5 Series captured by © BMW

Jaguar XJ

Who told you that only Germans can make premium sedans? The British manufacturer has been doing excellent sedans for a long time. The Jaguar XJ is a full-size luxury car produced by the British automobile manufacturer Jaguar.

Black Jaguar XJ Captured on the Road
Jaguar XJ captured by © AutoScout24

Buy the XJ as long as you can. Jaguar plans to be entirely electric by 2025, and the carmaker will launch e-models of its entire lineup by 2030.

Audi A6

Finally, the last one of the German trio. Audi had a long way before reaching their current position in the automotive market. From early rally cars to boxy wagons, Audi has slowly transitioned into the premium segment and now proudly calls itself a rival for BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Audi provides a wide variety of engines with a Petrol, Diesel, or Hybrid powertrain.

Blue Audi A6
Audi A6 captured by © Car and Driver

Porsche Panamera

I know what you are thinking but hear me out. For the record, you can have a base Porsche Panamera for under $100,000. We know most owners will probably put a few optional extras into the cart when designing their car that would make the Panamera over the budget. But, if you don’t mind going over the budget by a couple of tens of thousands, the Stuttgart-based manufacturer will make you one of the most exclusive sedans you will enjoy driving every single day.

Black Porsche Panamera Turbo Captured on the Nürburgring
Porsche Panamera Turbo captured on the Nürburgring by © Motor 1

Lucid Air

Finally, talk about luxury EVs. With a starting price of $87 400, the Lucid Air provides you with more than 1,000 HP – yes, you heard it right. Combine the performance of the above three cars, and you get the same horsepower – that’s the beauty of EVs. Lucid promises 520 miles of range with the AIR. Whether you hate or like EVs, these are some impressive figures. Although not all models are available to order at the moment, you can reserve your favorite model.

White Lucid Air Dream Edition
White Lucid Air Dream Edition

Tesla Model S

Lastly, another electric sedan is on the list. The price of a new base Model S is slightly under $100 000, but if you pick one, you can have one of the fastest sedans on the market that will be way cheaper to run than any petrol-powered alternative would be.

Tesla Model S Rolling Photo
Tesla Model S, captured by Jp Valery

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