How To Look More Stylish On A Budget: 11 Easy Tips

You don’t need to be rich to buy luxurious or high-quality clothing. A piece of clothing will not be high-quality of the logo it represents. High-quality clothing is made out of long-lasting materials – so you can own it for the long run. To find luxurious clothing on a budget, you need to be smart, but with the following tips, it can be easily achieved.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to always have the latest and greatest clothes – and it is completely okay. If you want to learn how to be stylish with a tight budget, you are at the right place. In this article, you can learn how to stay classic and up-to-date with an affordable approach.

1. Don’t wear trendy pieces

First, I know that buying new clothes is always a great feeling. However, at Midway Gentleman, we recommend forgetting about trendy pieces. There are clothing items that have been here for decades – such as plain white t-shirts, denim jeans, leather jackets, suits, etc.

Outfit Flat Lay White Sneakers Blue Jeans and a Black Swatshirt
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We can go on and on with the list – there are a wide variety of timeless items you can purchase for the long run. On the other hand, if you buy trendy pieces, they may not be in trend in a year or two, and you need to throw them away. It is not only bad for the environment but your wallet as well. A gentleman should wear timeless clothes.

2. Look out for online sales

Shopping online is getting more common every day. You can easily search for items you like, compare them with different clothes and brands and find the best deals. Nowadays, there are downloadable browser extensions that will find you the best offers and price movements, so you don’t have to worry about the best price.

Product on Sale
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3. Use coupons 

Connecting to the previous point, but use coupons. As mentioned, there are applications, plugins, and web pages specialized for coupon checking. You can easily find new coupons that will save you a couple of bucks on your next purchase.

4. Invest in timeless pieces

One of the easiest ways to spend less money on clothing is to buy fewer clothes. Maybe that sweatshirt or t-shirt seems a couple of dollars more expensive than a cheaper alternative, but it may look good for twice as long. Likewise, high-quality clothing usually lasts more than lower-priced, fast fashion items. If you buy high-quality clothes and take care of them, they may be fine for a lifetime.

Business Casual Shirts on Rack
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5. Invest in basics 

Purchasing essential items are the easiest way to create a versatile wardrobe. You can easily mix and match these pieces at any time. Items like a black or white t-shirt match almost anything.

Man Wearing White T-shirt with Denim Jacket

6. Pick second-hand items 

Buying second has become a trend lately, and we couldn’t be happier about it. It is another great tip that is beneficial not only for your wallet but also for the environment. Somebody’s old items can be someone’s new favorite. Look around in a thrift store. Who knows, you might find your new favorite piece.

7. Avoid shopping with credit cards

Always use your credit cards wisely, and always pay back on time. Credit cards can be a great tool if you use them for the right purpose. Don’t buy unnecessary items with it. Although clothes are an influential part of our lives, you have to pay for the necessary things first, such as a mortgage, food, etc., and then you can focus on how you look. There is the famous saying – Cut your coat according to your cloth. 

8. Audit your closet 

First, go throught your wardrobe and check out which items you are wearing and not wearing. Second, if you find a few items that are in good condition but you are usually not wearing, try to sell them to make some extra cash or give them away for free to less fortunate. Then, only buy new clothes when you have the space and need for it.

Organized Room and Wardrobe
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9. Fix your grooming 

This point has nothing to do with clothes but can have a huge impact on your look. A fresh haircut and grooming can change your look. Women have makeup, while we men have beards – well, most of us. If you are someone like me, your best bet is to always have a clean shave and a fresh haircut. Although it is not for free, it’s way cheaper than buying new clothes, and who knows, if you’ve got the skills, you can cut your hair and beard for yourself or ask a friend or relative to fix your grooming.

Barber Shop
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10. Find a good tailor 

We said it many times previously, but one of the best ways to make your old clothes look new and bespoke is to find a good tailor who can adjust and fix your old clothes to your body. It will not only be cheaper for you than purchasing a new item but will definitely look better on you than any other off-the-rack item.

11. Pick accessories 

Finally, the accessories. Believe it or not, but accessories can have a giant impact on your style. Put on a stylish watch, and you instantly look more professional and trustworthy. Put on some rings or bracelets, and your plain-looking t-shirt and jeans outfit will look memorable for others. That’s why we work with new brands that offer stylish accessories so everyone can find their own style.

Man Accessories – Watch, Fragrance, Glasses, Wallet
Photo by Jan de Keijzer

Final thoughts

Knowing how to dress stylishly while keeping a tight budget is not an easy task – but if you listen to the tips listed in this article you will have a better chance of achieving it. You shouldn’t buy new clothes every week or month – there are certain times in the year when clothes are usually cheaper, like at end of the summer or Black Friday. Find these dates and pick your new items at those times. I hope I could help with this article.

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