The Best Men’s Travel Accessories: Complete Guide

Explore the finest travel accessories for men that are destined to become your trusted companions on every journey. Ranging from tech essentials to fundamental clothing items, this article unveils the necessary things that promise a seamless, delightful, and stress-free travel experience.

Man Brown Weekender Bag Filled with MacBook and iPhone

Traveling can be stressful, but having the right essentials can make all the difference. From stylish dress shirts to portable chargers, there are certain items that no traveler should be without. In this article, we’ll explore the best men’s travel accessories to help make your next trip smooth and stress-free.

Discover the latest trends in Best Men’s Travel Accessories, designed for both style and functionality.


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The Best Travel Accessories for Men

There’s a long and a short answer to this. Essential items to never travel without include identification documents (passport, ID), money/cards, a phone, chargers, toiletries, medications, appropriate clothing, a travel adapter, and a reusable water bottle.

The Best Men's Travel Accessories: EDC

It’s also wise to carry a copy of important documents, contacts, travel insurance, and any necessary travel visas or permits. Now, let’s see the complete men’s travel essential list:

1. The Right Travel Bag

Whether you are embarking on a short trip or planning a full-fledged vacation with your family, you will require some form of baggage for packing. It is essential to determine the type of bag you intend to use for your journey: a suitcase, a duffle bag, a weekender, or a backpack.

If you pack wisely, you can do an entire weekend with just a backpack – but you need to pick the right-sized bag and pack organized. It may be tight but doable, especially in summer. If you plan to travel by plane, make sure to check the bag sizes and prices for your journey.

The Best Men's Travel Accessories: Brown Tan Leather Weekender Bag

What type of bag is best for a weekend trip?

  • A backpack is perhaps the most informal option, but it is also the easiest to carry, and it is highly likely that you already own one.
  • A weekender bag is a versatile, formal travel option; opt for a subtle, high-quality leather or canvas design instead of a typical sports bag.
  • Finally, suitcases. When selecting a suitcase, it’s essential to be aware of the size guidelines for your preferred airlines. Aim for a suitcase that complies with the requirements of most airlines; while you may not find one that suits every airline, having one that fits 2-3 airlines will suffice for your journey.

2. Two Pairs of Pants (1 Jeans and 1 Trousers)

You don’t necessarily have to pack two pairs of pants if you pick a versatile one for the trip. But let’s be real, having an extra pair of pants is always nice because who knows when you’ll spill some red wine on yourself during dinner? If you only pack one pair, you might regret it later.

The Best Men's Travel Accessories: Levi's Jeans

3. Underwear and Socks

Whether you are doing international travel or staying in your country, these two items are essentials. I advise you to put an extra pair in your bag – just in case, for example, you want to go training on that day. You need a clean pair of socks and underwear afterward.

The Best Men's Travel Accessories: Underwear and Socks

Pro tip: If you pack shoes for your travel – make sure to stuff them with your underwear and socks to save space in your bag. This will also support the shape of your shoes. Just don’t forget to clean your shoes beforehand.

4. Dress Shirts

dress shirt is never a bad idea to pack, whether you are planning to make a deal with your potential client or have a romantic dinner with your partner. This cocktail look can pair with almost anything on the list – jeans or trousers. Dress it up or dress it down according to your taste.

Dress Shirts on Rack

5. Tracksuit or Leisure Clothes

Whether you visit friends or family or go on a business trip, no one expects you to wear a suit while staying indoors or going for a morning walk. Pack your tracksuit and enjoy comfort during the weekend.

Often I only pack the pants to save time and space in my bag, and it is usually more than enough for me to feel comfortable – in the worst-case scenario, I can wear the sweatshirt I packed with the pants.

The Best Men's Travel Accessories: Burgundy Tracksuit

6. Sunglasses

It’s a small accessory, but it can be quite handy, especially on those sunny summer days. I never leave my house for more than an hour without sunglasses, especially when I’m traveling or driving. I believe it is essential for every man to have their sunglasses in his travel bag.

Ray Ban Original Wayfarer Classic Tortoise Sunglasses
Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Classic Sunglasses

7. T-Shirts and Collared Shirts

T-shirts and polo shirts are the other comfortable pieces that go perfectly with your tracksuit – or if you want to look professional but not in a suit or shirt, pair your polo with trousers, a pair of smart shoes, and a stylish belt, and you’re good to go.

The Best Men's Travel Accessories: T-shirts and Collared Shirts

8. Dopp Kit

Dopp Kits are one of the best men’s travel accessories in my opinion, as they can significantly speed up the packing process.

I strongly recommend keeping a Dopp kit stocked with essentials, allowing you to simply place it atop your travel bag and head out on your trip.

Men Grooming Tools in a Dopp Kit

Pro tip: Ensure you always keep a supply of grooming essentials in your Dopp kit, and you’ll be ready to go.

9. Book for Travel

If you are traveling by train or plane, one of the best ways to make the journey seem shorter is to pack your favorite book. Trust me; I am a person who has traveled extensively since I was a teenager, and reading a good book is one of the best ways to make your ride feel shorter – of course, assuming there are no crying babies behind you.

Packing your favorite book doesn’t take up a lot of space in your backpack or weekender but will make your journey better and seem shorter.

The Best Men's Travel Accessories: Books
A Stack of Personal Development Books captured by Daria Nepriakhina

10. Chargers

Whether you plan to use your phone or other gadgets a lot or not, chargers are essential. So, don’t forget to toss them in your bag, or your weekend won’t be that happy without photos or GPS.

I know you can buy new chargers at almost any store by now, but why waste your money on items you already own? Double-check before you leave the house, and do not forget your chargers.

The Best Men's Travel Accessories: Chargers

11. Earphones

Whether it’s noise-canceling headphones or standard earphones connected to your phone, packing earphones is essential. They make for perfect travel companions when you’re on a busy train or airplane.

Consider finding a pair with excellent battery life or you should pack a power bank as well. Or, opt for wired ones during long plane flights.

12. Laptop or Tablet

I am someone who likes to work while traveling, especially on trains. Phones are getting better every year, but a full-on laptop will always be better to get some work done for me. If you don’t like to work when traveling, that’s fine, but having a laptop or tablet is great for many other things.

You can watch movies or TV shows, or if you take some pictures and want to view them on a bigger screen, a tablet or laptop is perfect.

The Best Men's Travel Accessories: Laptop or Tablet

13. Pack of Tissues

It is a highly overlooked item, but you should always keep a pack of tissues in your bag. In my opinion, every man should have one in his bag. I can’t count how many times I have been grateful for someone who passed me one, or the number of thank yous I have received from people to whom I gave tissues.

14. Money, ID, Passport, Documents

Whether you travel inland or abroad, keeping some cash and your travel documents is a must for everyone. Make sure you have all the documents required for your travel way before your trip and check the validation, so you can renew them if necessary.

The Best Men's Travel Accessories: IDs, Passport, Documents
Travel Essentials © ConvertKit

15. Refillable Containers

Traveling doesn’t mean you shouldn’t aim to look or smell your best. Take your favorite hair products and fragrances with you on the journey in refillable containers for added convenience.

16. Optional items

Now that we finished the essentials, I list a few optional items that can be handy for your specific trip, depending on where you are going:


The first optional item is an umbrella. If you’re visiting London, for example, I recommend packing an umbrella – it doesn’t matter if it’s summer or autumn.

However, if you’re heading to a sunny beach, you can leave the umbrella at home. If you can fit an umbrella in your bag and expect rainy weather, it’s wise to pack one.

If you are looking for a new Umbrella, check out this deal on Amazon:


If you plan to go to the beach on a sunny day, toss a bottle of sunscreen into your bag. It will prevent your skin from sunburn.


Finally, the last item on the list is a camera. Although the camera in your phone is getting better each year, it will never be as good as the real deal. If you are a hobbyist or a professional and prefer to take pictures with your professional gear, take it with you.

Riley Harper Taking a Photo with a Vintage Camera
Riley Harper Taking a Photo with a Vintage Camera


I hope this article helped you with packing for your next journey, offering insights into some of the best men’s travel accessories.

If you believe we missed any important items from the list, make sure to write to us in a direct message or through our emails. We value your input and aim to continually improve our recommendations for fellow travelers. Have a great morning, day, or evening. Ciao!

Man Putting Essentials Into His Dopp Kit

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