Resort Co Swim Shorts Review: One Of The Best On The Market?

I know what you are thinking – Swedish people making summer accessories. How ironic is it? I am here to dispel a few misconceptions. Stay tuned – you would be surprised how good of an attire they can make for you to look your best this summer.

Man Wearing Resort Co Black Tee with Chevron Swim Shorts

First, I’d like to tell you that I’ve known the brand, The Resort Co, for over a year before I first wrote to them. We always had a mutual connection between our brands, and when I finally wrote them a letter about a potential review, they surprised me with an incredible customer experience. I have to note that their customer service and organization are top-notch.

The shorts I chose were the Ivy Green classic shorts. I was looking for a subtle colored pair of shorts that can be stylish inside and out of the water. When I received the shorts, I paired them with a white polo – they matched perfectly. It is the kind of attire that is perfect for your vacation. Pair it with flip flops or a white sneaker, and you will be ready to discover new cities this summer.

My first impressions were the following: perfect color, a solid, premium weight, great, well adjustable size, high quality details due to the metallic end of the tightening straps and a subtle logo that doesn’t shout – “hey look at me, I am wearing XY brand”.

I want to highlight that the shorts in the review are a PR gift from The Resort Co, but they haven’t told me anything to tell about them or the products. They wanted to have an honest review since they are so confident about their products. With that being said, let’s start the review.

Materials and Design

The clean-lined cut of these swim shorts makes them a great option for transitioning from the pool to the bar. They are cut from a sleek, quick-drying shell and equipped with an elastic waistband and extra soft mesh lining. The shorts were handcrafted in Trofa, Portugal, and made of upcycled fabrics, such as 100% Newlife Yarns recycled PES. The shorts feature an elastic drawstring waist that allows for comfortable adjustments. It also has a stylish single button back pocket which is all functional, and a subtle, modern mid-length fit that is not too showy yet still has a modern feel.

Man Wearing The Resort Co Green Swim Shorts
© The Resort Co

About The Resort Co

If this is the first time hearing about them, The Resort Co was founded in 2019 with the mission to craft the perfect vacation wardrobe – with a focus on high quality, ethical production, and usage of the best and most sustainable materials.

The artisan principles and high-quality mindset transfuse the brand. The design is inspired by Scandinavian aesthetics and the notion of a never-ending Summer. The idea is to design sustainable resort wear that last season after season. The Resort Co handpicked the best materials and producers in Europe – all of their products are handcrafted by skilled artisans working in small family-owned factories dotted around Italy, Spain, and Portugal.

Man Standing on the Beach Wearing The Resort Co Shorts and Tee
© The Resort Co

They make timeless, high-quality products from materials that are sourced from the finest makers in Western Europe. The parts that go into a The Resort Co product don’t travel far during its manufacturing process as their factories and distributors are located in the same region, meaning a swift shipping experience and a minimal environmental footprint.


At Midway Gentleman, we take climate change as our responsibility, and that’s why we focus on working with environment-friendly businesses. The Resort Co is no exception to that. The shorts I received is made from upcycled plastic. They are proud registered members and supporters of the Seaqual Initiative®. Most of their swim shorts are produced in exclusive Seaqual Initiative® fabrics, an initiative to clean up the oceans and transform marine litter into premium polyester.


The shipping was super fast and transparent. It was obvious from the first seconds. They constantly kept me updated, so I was always up to date on where my product is. The time of the shipping was mind-blowing for me, especially nowadays when supply chains are in a difficult position. The order was set on the second of May, and it was in my yard two days later. That is a rather great achievement to ship a product from Sweden to Hungary in two days. Most of the packages in Hungary don’t arrive this fast. Oh, and probably the best thing about shipping, The Resort Co offers free international shipping to all customers.

Why Resort Co Products are Better

I’ve had many swim shorts in lower and high price ranges that don’t use the same quality materials. The Resort Co has an excellent customer experience from the first time opening the package to the first dive in the sea. It is a pair of shorts that you can proudly wear with a Polo shirt and then go for a swim at the local beach. Pair it with their signature flip-flops and a Polo, and your summer vacation outfit is ready.

Man Laying on the Beach Wearing The Resort Co Shorts and Tee
© The Resort Co

They are Offering More Than Just Swim Shorts

As mentioned before, The Resor Co’s goal is to make the highest quality and most sustainable vacation clothing on the market. They are offering all kinds of summer attire, from sunglasses to polo shirts and even flip-flops. Make sure to check out their store to find a piece for your taste.


Finally, I am more than happy with my shorts and proudly recommend them to anyone looking for a new pair of swim shorts for this summer. If you aren’t looking for swimwear at the moment – make sure to check out their store anyway. They are selling polos, shirts, flip flops, and a wide range of summer accessories and attire. If you are someone who appreciates quality and sustainable materials, then The Resort Co is the way to go.