Style Mistakes Most Guys Make Without Realizing

There are many style flaws that we guys tend to commit at one point or another. The sooner you learn about these flaws, the faster you can change them and improve your overall style and appearance.

When it comes to style, a lot of us like to think that we have it all figured out. However, even the most fashion-savvy guys can make some common mistakes without even realizing it. In this article, we’ll shed light on some style flaws that many guys tend to make, and provide tips on how to avoid them.

I know, we guys sometimes mess things up without even realizing it, fortunately, this can be identified and learned later on. You can learn what to look out for to always look flawless.

1. Bulging Pockets

One of the most overlooked style mistakes is carrying too much in your pockets.

Man Putting a Leather Wallet into His Pocket

We, as men, like to carry a lot with us, whether it is our keys, phone, wallet, a few business cards, or a receipt. The problem is that most of the time, we don’t have a bag with us to carry these things. So, what options do we have? We can put everything into our pockets, but doing so can disrupt the clean lines of our outfits and make us appear messy.

A simple solution to this problem is a new wallet because often the biggest objects in our pockets are our wallets. Consider investing in a slim wallet and a phone case with card slots to keep your pockets organized and streamlined.

Keep the least number of keys in your pocket and if you plan to carry more items, consider taking a bag with you.

2. Long or Bulky Trousers

Ill-fitting trousers can throw off the proportions of your entire outfit. Make sure your trousers are the right length and fit well around the waist and hips. Tailoring can be a game-changer in achieving a polished look.

Navy Blue Dress Pants with Plain White Outfit

That’s why I always recommend taking your clothes to a local professional to adjust to your body. It’s better to wear more affordable clothing that fits you perfectly, than designer clothes that cost 3-4 times but don’t fit your body.

Pants should fit a man comfortably around the waist without sagging or squeezing. The seat should drape smoothly, and the length should break slightly at the shoes. A tailored fit ensures a polished look while allowing ease of movement.

3. Square Toe Dress Shoes

While square-toe dress shoes were once in vogue, they have fallen out of favor nowadays – or perhaps 30 years ago.

Man Ties Laces on His Black Leather Shoes

Nowadays if you want to look stylish, opt for shoes with a more classic and refined silhouette, like a round or almond toe, for a timeless and sophisticated look.

4. Too Much or Too Little Accessories

Finding the right balance of accessories can be tricky. You have to avoid overloading with too many pieces or going bare. Instead, choose a few quality items like a watch, a bracelet, or a classic belt to complement your outfit without overwhelming it.

A Man With Summer Accessories Tailored Pants and Leather Loafers
Your accessories should be accents to your outfits, not the main attraction.

If you are unsure about your accessories, put on a versatile watch, and a subtle leather belt and you will be good to go. Once you are comfortable with the basics, you can experiment with different bracelets, necklaces, or suit accessories, but it all comes down to personal preferences.

5. Poor Sock Choice

Mismatched or overly flashy socks can detract from an otherwise great looking outfit. Choose socks that complement your outfit in terms of color or pattern, and ensure they are appropriate for the occasion.

You don’t want to wear bright colors or wild patterns to the office, but it might be funny in casual environments.

Stylish Socks by Tatler Asia

6. Thinking Deep V-Neck Looks Good

There was a brief period in fashion when we believed that v-neck t-shirts would look good. Unfortunately, this was never the case, but some people still kept this item in their wardrobe.

Ralph Lauren V-Neck Sweatshirt Outfit

If you want to dress better, opt for a crew-neck or a slightly V-necked shirt for a more balanced and universally flattering look. V-necks can work well in sweaters, especially with a shirt as an underlayer, but not as a t-shirt.

7. Mixing Colors That Don’t Match

Colors play an important role in crafting a balanced and fashionable outfit. To prevent clashes, stick to a basic color palette that complements each element of your outfit.

Additionally, factor in the occasion when selecting hues to strike the right balance between style and appropriateness.

Dark Tan Suit with Brown Turtleneck and Leather Weekender Bag
A man wearing a Dark Tan Suit with a Brown Turtleneck and a Leather Weekender Bag

If you want to look clean and formal, wear blues, grays, and darker shades in general. For more casual environments or warmer weather, you can experiment with a variety of colors.

Pro tip: keep the number of colors of your outfit under 3 or opt for different shades of the same color and create a monochromatic outfit.

8. Wearing Patterned T-Shirts After a Certain Age

While graphic tees can be fun and expressive in your teens and twenties, they’re best reserved for casual settings or specific events.

As you age, consider transitioning to more refined and mature patterns or solid colors for a more sophisticated look. Some subtle logos can look good on a t-shirt, but huge patterns and dumb phrases won’t help you achieve a mature look.

Man Smart Casual Outfits Navy T-Shirt Khaki Pants Sneakers

9. Not Tucking in Shirts That Are Meant to be Tucked In

Certain shirts, like dress shirts, are designed to be tucked in. Neglecting to do so can give the impression of a sloppy and unkempt appearance. Take the extra moment to tuck in your shirt for a polished finish. If you want to go for that untucked casual shirt look, buy a casual shirt for that.

A Dark Shirt Tucked In

10. Not Having a Signature Scent

Said it many times before, but as you reach a certain age in your life, you should develop a few signature scents. A signature scent can leave a lasting impression and enhance your overall style.

Find a fragrance that complements your personality and wear it consistently to leave a memorable mark on others. As a starting point, read our article about Best Blue Fragrances That Are Worth The Money

Man in Shirt Applying Fragrance

11. Keeping Your Shoes Scuffed and Dirty

You can tell a lot about a man’s character, by looking at their shoes. Dirty and scuffed shoes can be a major style flaw no matter your age. Regularly clean and polish your footwear to maintain a put-together look.

3 Pieces Horsehair Shoes Polish Brushes Kit

12. Buying Cheap Clothes and Shoes

While budget-friendly options have their place, investing in quality pieces can make a significant difference in the longevity and overall appearance of your wardrobe.

Suit Jackets on Hangers

Consider investing in key items that will withstand the test of time like jeans, jackets, or a high quality suit. I know not everyone can afford the most expensive pieces. By cheap, I am talking about cheap looking and cheap quality fabrics, not particularly the price.

Many designer brands use low-grade materials for their products, and their prices are sky-high. When buying something new, check the fabrics, the reputation of the brand, and whether you can wear the specific item with your current wardrobe.

13. Breaking Rules When Wearing a Suit

Suits come with a set of rules regarding buttoning, patterns, and fit. Ignoring these guidelines can lead to a bad look. Familiarize yourself with the basics of suit etiquette to ensure you always look sharp and sophisticated.

If you want to learn more about these rules, read our article on: Wear Suits Like A Gentleman

Gentlemen Wearing Suits at Pitti Uomo
3 Gentlemen Wearing Suits at Pitti Uomo Captured by Jamie Ferguson

14. Neglecting Grooming

Personal hygiene, shaving, and hairstyling are essential parts of a well put together appearance. Take the time to maintain a clean and groomed look to elevate your overall style.

Wet Shaving Kit

If you always appear sloppy with a patchy beard, unkempt hair, and poor hygiene, the world won’t think highly of you. Remember, gentlemen, you are what you present to the world, so strive to be the best version of yourself.

15. Neglecting Proper Fit

Man Wearing a Cardigan Outfit Styles

Briefly mentioned at the beginning with pants, but pants aren’t the only item that you need to wear fitted. One of the most important aspects of style that many guys overlook is the proper fit of their clothing.

Ill-fitting clothes can completely undermine an otherwise stylish outfit. Whether it’s a suit, a t-shirt, or a pair of jeans, make sure your clothing fits well and complements your body shape.

Consider visiting a tailor for adjustments or alterations to ensure your clothes drape elegantly and flatteringly. Remember, a well-fitted garment can make all the difference in achieving a sharp and sophisticated look.

16. Wearing a Backpack with a Suit

Everyday Leather Briefcase Harber London
Everyday Leather Briefacase Harber London

I leave this final point as an extra tip you should never break. While backpacks are functional, they don’t pair well with formal attire, especially with suits. No matter if you are wearing a leather backpack or one made of canvas.

Consider opting for a briefcase, messenger bag, or a leather portfolio to maintain a polished and professional appearance when wearing a suit. These alternatives offer a more sophisticated and complementary accessory for your formal attire.

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Style Mistakes Most Guys Make Without Realizing
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