Vera Forma Leatherworks Review: High Quality Accessories from Canada

We were super excited to have the chance to review four great products from Vera Forma Leatherworks. Vera Forma is a little-known brand based in Canada that makes some of the best wallets, belts, travel, and leather accessories.

Vera Forma Leatherworks Review 2022 The New Kids on the Block

A few weeks ago, I received a package from my friends at Vera Forma. I’ve always had a great relationship with them but never had the chance to try one of their products.

When I opened the carefully prepared black packaging, I was blown away. All the products I received were meticulously arranged, and the quality was evident right from the start.

The packaging and the smell of fresh leather products are no easy task to describe. But let me tell you about my experience with Vera Forma with this review.


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What is Vera Forma Leatherworks?

If this is your first time hearing about Vera Forma, they are a small Canadian brand that makes some of the best leather products on the market. The two founders were disappointed by the quality of the items in their daily lives. They had to do something about it – that is how Vera Forma was born.

A desire emerged for appealing yet functional products. They make every product by hand, so there are no two identical products. You would think that this would make their products extremely expensive, but their price to value ratio is just market-leading.

That is how Vera Forma Leatherworks came to be. The meaning of the name in itself outlines their vision and mission and guides their everyday decisions. “True Design” – “True Form & Shape” and “True Quality” philosophy appear in all of their products and are rooted deep in their brand.

Vera Forma Commodore Slim Wallet

When I received the wallet, it was a little tight at first, and it was hard to put my cards in – but it got better as I started using it. The leather is super high quality, and the color looks fantastic.

I really like Vera Forma’s subtle logo on the wallet’s bottom right corner – it looks sleek. And it comes from a person who doesn’t like to wear or show any brand’s logo. After a few days of using the wallet, the tightness improved, and the cards moved smoothly.

Vera Forma Review The Commodore Slim Wallet
Vera Forma Commodore Wallet, captured by Gabriella Gallay

As I am a university student at the writing of the article this wallet isn’t just right for my current lifestyle – because I have a few additional cards that can’t be digitalized.

Once I give back a couple of my cards – two exactly, the Commodore will be the perfect wallet for me. It is perfect for minimalists who like to carry the least amount of cards in their wallets but prefer a high-quality leather product.

Vera Forma Review The Commodore Slim Wallet Next to an iPhone
Vera Forma – Commodore, © Vera Forma Leatherworks

The Commodore will allow 4 cards at first. Once broken in, the texture-rich Horween leather will stretch, allowing a total of 6 cards for a slim yet fulfilling experience.

The idea behind this Bi-fold was to create a slim and unique wallet to live inside your pocket, all while providing an uncompromised user experience.

Vera Forma Dopp Kit

Before receiving this Dopp kit, I was using one made out of mesh material. It was slightly bigger and could be easily packed thanks to the mesh material but didn’t hold any shape or form.

However, the leather used for the Dopp Kit is just as high-quality as the one used in the Commodore. The zipper works smoothly, and the overall look is excellent. The Dopp kit has a tab with Vera Forma’s logo on both sides, so you can easily hang it both ways.

Vera Forma Review Leather Dopp Kit - Shaving Kit - Toiletry Travel Bag Front
Vera Forma Dopp Kit captured by Gabriella Gallay

Pros and Cons of the Dopp Kit

As mentioned, the Dopp kit is slightly smaller than my previous Dopp kit, so my essentials fit a bit tighter, but it gets the job done perfectly. Thanks to the thick leather used in the product, it holds and protects the items better.

Now, all I have to do is toss it in my backpack for the weekend or my suitcase when I go on a business trip. My recommendation for Vera Forma would be to make the Dopp kit slightly bigger. Apart from that, I can confidently recommend it to anyone looking for a high-quality Dopp kit made of premium leather with a unique color.

Vera Forma Review Leather Dopp Kit - Shaving Kit - Toiletry Travel Bag
Vera Forma – Dopp Kit captured by Gabriella Gallay

Materials Used for the Dopp Kit

Handmade with full-grain U.S. Horween Leather. It has a simple, classic, yet timeless design. A zippered top keeps your toiletries secure, and the minimalist interior provides easy access to all your daily essentials.

Strong, durable, and the leather used to make this product is the same used in making boots, saddles, and all manner of made to last leather goods – meaning a separate lining is altogether unnecessary. The leather is easy to care for and only gets better with use, ensuring your Dopp Kit will be a trusted travel companion for years to come.

Vera Forma EDC Hank

An EDC Hanks is used for everything from wiping down pocket knives and gym equipment to setting a placemat for your lady on a lunch date in the park. They are even useful for wiping off tears at funerals and weddings.

EDC Hank by Vera Forma & Renegade
EDC Hank by Vera Forma & Renegade, © Vera Forma Leatherworks

This hank is a collaboration of Vera Forma and Renegade. It measures approximately 8” square, backed with black opticians grade microfiber. These hanks are handmade and may differ slightly in size from one to another. 

Not only were they practical pieces, but they were also great at the presentation of the products. Also, they look impressively good in the pictures and set the mood perfectly.

Surprise Product – Vera Forma Leather Balm

To my surprise, the team at Vera Forma was so nice to send a small can of leather balm to keep my new leather products like new. If you are curious about how to keep your leather products clean check out our previous article

Vera Forma Review Leather Balm
Vera Forma Leather Balm captured by Gabriella Gallay

The wax nourishes from within saddles, boots, chaps, holsters, and bags. Virtually any leather while resisting scuffing, stitch fraying, and tearing or leather cracking.

So you can enjoy it longer than ever before. Use it on your leather products, work boots, or your sharpest looking Oxfords to resist petroleum, salt, chemicals, water, and anything you throw at it during your workday. However, do not use the balm for suede.

Customer Service

We’ve been following each other with Vera Forma Leatherworks since the beginning of our journey. Maybe I will seem biased when it comes to them, but my relationship with their brand was exceptional from the first moment.

They invest a lot of time and energy in building their community and the satisfaction of their customers. They will answer any question with a smile on their face and will do everything to make their customers happy. And it can be seen by the loyalty of their customers.

Final Thoughts

We received the package as a PR gift from Vera Forma. We didn’t receive any additional fee for the feedback, and they haven’t told us what to say about their brand or products. When we were looking for a test product, we just wanted to test the Dopp Kit, and we were surprised to see that the other three products were also included. This move shows pure confidence and discipline on their side

We can confidently recommend their products to anyone. Their price to value ratio is unbeatable in the leather market, and all of their products will last a long time. Oh, and high-quality leather only gets better with time.

They develop a nice patina over time. Once again, thank you for reading this review, and thank you to the team at Vera Forma for sending the products for testing. We like them a lot.

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