10 Best Tips What Gentlemen Should Wear in the Summer

Summer is the time of the year when we wear light-colored short clothing. But what can you do when you still want to look classy in the summer? You will find out from the tips below.

Man Wearing Short Sleeved Shirt

Dressing classy and comfortably is no easy task to achieve in the summer. In colder weather, we can mix and match items and have layers – but in summer, we want to reduce the amount of clothing we wear. But what should gentlemen wear when they want to look classy in the summer? You’ll find out today. With the tips in this article, you can upgrade your wardrobe to have dapper attire when the temperature hits the sky.

1. Pick the right fabric

Before mentioning the items on the list, one of the most important things about style in summer is picking the fabric of your clothes. Whether it is your pants, shirt, or pair of shoes, you need to pick breathable fabrics. For shoes, thick leather shoes aren’t the best options for summer. Instead, try to find a pair with either thinner leather or one with holes – or ditch leather in general and pick one made of a lighter, mash material.

Summer Gentlemen Wear: Polo with Shorts

When you look for a new pair of pants, try to avoid thick jeans and look for a thin pair of trousers. We made a separate article covering the different fabrics for different weather.

2. Accessories

One of the easiest ways to make your summer outfit more interesting is with accessories. Put on a stylish bracelet, a necklace, or a ring. The key here is minimalism – try to keep your accessories clean and subtle – don’t wear a ring on every finger, and don’t mix multiple necklaces. Two bracelets can look good next to each other but keep them on one arm. One arm should have the watch on it and the other the bracelet.

Summer Gentlemen Wear: Accessories
Photo by Jan de Keijzer

Lucky for us men, there are a million type of accessories we can put on this summer. One of the easiest and most affordable option is a stylish bracelet – with the above collection, you can mix and match designs to have a unique look.

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3. Watch

As stated many times before and in the previous point, accessories are essential this summer. I like to talk about watches separately from accessories because watches are one of the fundamental pieces that every man should wear, no matter style of his outfit.

Summer Gentlemen Wear: Watch
Photo by: Andrea Natali

4. Pick stylish Swim shorts

Swim shorts are an underrated piece of clothing for men, but once you buy a new pair of high-quality shorts, you will think about them differently. When you go to a beach this summer, you will see so many boring or out of fashion swim shorts that ruin the whole image of a man. Be different and invest in a quality pair and be the most stylish on the beach this summer. Read one of our previous articles about one of the best shorts we’ve ever tested.

Summer Gentlemen Wear: T-Shirt and Shorts
© The Resort Co

5. A breathable hat

Whether it is a casual cap or a more traditional hat, you need some sort of hat option for the summer. The weather and UV exposure is getting stronger year by year. You need to wear something that protects your head. With the right hat, you can prevent sunburn or dizziness caused by sunburn.

6. A stylish pair of shoes

As already mentioned in the first point about fabrics, picking the right shoes is one of the hardest parts of making your summer outfit. Summers are getting warmer and warmer, so finding a shoe that is comfortable and breathable is not an easy task.

Summer Gentlemen Wear: White Sneakers
White leather sneaker captured by Bannon Morrissy

7. Shirt with the right fabric

Light-colored shirts made with the proper fabrics are the perfect choice for summer. Whether you’ll wear them with shorts or trousers, a linen shirt is an ideal option this summer. If you pick the correct fabric for your shirt, it doesn’t matter if it is a long or short-sleeved shirt, you will feel comfortable, and your outfit will be breathable. If you’d like to learn more about fabrics, read our article about the best suit fabrics

Summer Gentlemen Wear: Short Sleeved Shirts

8. No show socks

Summer is the time to wear less clothing. It’s time to take away your long socks for fall and winter. For me, summer is the only appropriate time for men to show their ankles with their trousers. No-show socks are a must for shoes such as the loafer.

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9. Pick the right sunglasses

There’s no better time to put on your sunglasses than in summer. The sun is constantly up, and the only way to save your eyes from the damage of the sun is to wear a pair of sunglasses is a must in my summer EDC – I won’t leave the house without them. It is a summer essential – especially if you have to drive a car.

Summer Gentlemen Wear: Sunglasses
Photo by Sebastian Coman Travel

10. Wear a white t-shirt or polo

In general, white clothing is the best choice for summer. There is no exception to your tops as well. One of the best items in summer is a great white T-shirt or polo. One thing that makes an outfit more classy is if you tuck in your polo.

Man Wearing White Polo Summer Outfit

11. Optional – White trousers

Finally, it is optional since the color white can be intimidating for many men, but white is one of the best colors to wear in the summer. I prefer white clothes in summer because white clothes reflect most of the sun’s heat and absorb very little of the sun’s heat and keep your body cool. I prefer to wear black or dark-colored clothes in winter as dark clothes absorb most of the sun’s heat and keep your body warm.

Man Wearing White Jeans with Dress Shirts

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