10 Best Suit Accessories That Will Complete Your Style

Suits are probably the second most elegant attire option, right behind the tuxedo – but if you want to make your suit look a bit more special, try the following men’s suit accessories listed in the article.

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The following suit accessories can add personality and a twist to the monotony of your daily office attire. If you are planning your wedding in the near future and are looking for the perfect wedding suit, we listed 10 of the best suits for the groomsman for the big day and after.

1. Formal shoes

First, shoes can make or break your outfit – no matter if you talk about a casual outfit or your sharpest suit. If you mess up the shoes, your suit won’t look like it should. There are many styles of formal shoes you can pick for your suit. You should be aware of not only the style but the color as well. There are certain rules you need to follow when picking the shoes for your suit. If you are not sure, check out the following table:

Suit Accessories: Formal Shoes Match to Suit Table Rules

Once you have the right shoes to go with your suit, make sure they are always in good condition. We covered this topic in a previous article. Be sure to read it.

2. Watch 

When it comes to accessories to wear with a suit, watches are one of the most stylish pieces to add. Although the main purpose of watches changed from telling the time to being a statement about our style and personality – if we need to know the time, we check our phones, the importance of watches didn’t change.

Suit Accessories: Man Wearing Blue Suit and Watch
Photo by: Andrea Natali

There comes a time in every man’s life when he should invest in a quality timepiece. What “invest” means to you will depend on your budget. There is no shame in an affordable watch if it looks good and you’ve styled it well, but having a good-looking timepiece to go with your suit is essential. If you are looking for a great deal, check out the following classic watch listen on Amazon:

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3. Belt

Picking the right belt can be as important as the shirt for your suit. Although it is a bit easier to pair if you already have the right formal shoes for your suit. Once you have the right formal shoes, all you have to do is choose a formal belt of the same color. Of course, if you have side adjustable suit pants, you can skip this and the following point entirely. Some say that the most stylish way to wear suits is to not use belts and suspenders at all and have side adjustable pants. In my opinion, a suit with belts or suspenders can be just as or even more stylish.

4. Suspenders

Maybe I should put suspenders at the same point as the belt, but in my honest opinion, there are huge differences between belts and suspenders. Both of their jobs are to keep your pants up, but they do it in different fashions. Generally speaking, a suspender is more elegant than a belt, but you need to pick the right color for your suit, or you will ruin your outfit. If you are not sure about which suspender goes well with your outfit, put on a belt – it is easier to match with your shoes.

Suit Accessories: Man Wearing Suspenders
Photo by Chalo Garcia

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5. Tie

When it comes to ties, you have two choices – the bow tie and the classic necktie. I know there are Ascot and Cravat ties, but we will focus on the more common ones today. Although the number of tie types is low, it is not easy to find the perfect one. There are many fabrics, patterns, colors, and widths you need to be aware of. Picking the right tie is only the first step. If you pick the right tie for your suit and shirt, your look will improve significantly. Once you have the right necktie, you can experiment with different ways of tying your tie – we’ll cover that in a future article. The endnote is, wear a tie!

Suit Accessories: Man Wearing Charcoal Gray Suit with Blue Tie

6. Tie bar

Classic items like a tie bar – or sometimes called tie clip – are an inexpensive accessory that will make your suit look and feel more special – but what is a tie bar? The tie bar is a men’s fashion accessory that serves to hold the tie in place. The tie bar clips the tie to the dress shirt – so it doesn’t move around. This feature comes in handy during strong winds or for keeping your tie out of your lunch.

However, there are two things to consider when choosing a tie bar. Make sure you put the tie bar in the right place, and you pick the right length for your tie. See the following image for help:

Suit Accessories: Tie Bar Placement and Length Rule
Tie Bar Placement and Length Rule

7. Pocket square

Suits are worn in many ways these days. From formal wear to more casual wear with sneakers. However, if you want to give a timeless look to your suit, pick a pocket square that will compliment your suit jacket. It’s a simple and inexpensive accessory that’s often overlooked—but if you choose the right one, it will complete your look.

Suit Accessories: Man Wearing Red Pocket Square
Photo by Tyler Harris

A short history – the pocket square was originally used for hygienic purposes and was put in the front breast pocket of the jacket to avoid it from getting crumpled or dirty in your trouser pockets. Soon it became a fashionable accessory for men and gained popularity amongst them. Like with ties, there are many ways to fold your pocket square as well.

Suit Accessories: Man Wearing Black Suit With Red Tie and White Pocket Square

My go-to fold is the classic Presidential fold, but it is fun to experiment with different folds. Although pocket squares are still used, we do not see them as often as a necktie, so you will surely turn some heads by having a pocket square. If you are looking for a great deal, check out the following classic watch on Amazon:

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8. Cufflinks

Cufflinks are items of formal jewelry traditionally worn by men. They are used to fasten together the sides of shirt cuffs and are typically worn for formal occasions. It is frankly a traditional piece that never felt out of style. Although many formal shirts have buttons at the cuffs, custom-made or high-quality shirts let you use cufflinks to fasten your shirts. Wearing cufflinks is a great way to stand out and make your outfit more special.

Suit Accessories: Man Wearing Shirts with Cufflinks
A Man Wearing Shirts with Cufflinks © Nick Karvounis

9. Lapel Pin and Lapel Flower

A lapel pin brings a dash of classic elegance to a modern suit, but try to avoid any trendy ones for your outfit. Your lapel pin should be a subtle enhancement that expresses your personal style without distracting or detracting from the overall look. If you want to stand out from the crowd, this is your chance.

Suit Accessories: Maroon Suit with White Pocket Square

A boutonniere is a formal lapel accessory made with a live flower. Modern lapel faux flowers can also be fashioned from fabrics like wool or silk. Don’t wear a boutonniere to the office – save this suit accessory for formal celebratory occasions: formal dances, weddings, or high-school prom.

Man Wearing Tuxedo and Holding Two Glasses of Champagne on His Wedding
Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

Badge pins are another variation often styled to indicate affiliation with something – like a national flag, a family crest, or a military medal. Wear your pin of choice through the buttonhole on your left lapel. If your jacket does not have a buttonhole, pin it directly through the fabric. Position it higher than your pocket or pocket square at an angle that matches the angle of the lapel.

10. Sunglasses

Lastly, it is an optional accessory, but an important one that could easily improve the look of your suit. Whether you wear it in your front pocket or on your face, sunglasses have a huge part of the look of your suit. There are no special rules for picking sunglasses for the suit – it has more to do with your face shape and what works for you. Try to avoid any colorful plastic sunglasses. If you have subtle sunglasses that you wear for your casual outfits, they will probably work with your suit as well.

Suit Accessories: A Pair of Sunglasses
Photo by Sebastian Coman Travel

11. Extra – Dress Shirt

Although a dress shirt is not considered a suit accessory, it should be an obvious part of your outfit – that’s why I left it to the last point. A proper dress shirt can make or break your suit outfit. I hope I could help you to make your suit a bit more special. I started wearing more accessories with my suit in the previous years, and when I look back, I can clearly see that these accessories make my suit and I look way better.

Person Holding white Android Smartphone in White Shirt
Photo by NordWood Themes

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