Cufflinks: One of the Most Important Suit Accessories

When it comes to elevating your suit game, few accessories can match the impact of cufflinks. These small yet significant pieces add a touch of sophistication and personal style to your attire. Discover why cufflinks are a must-have accessory for any man looking to make a refined statement with their suits.

Suit Accessories: Formal Shoes, Leather Belt, Cufflinks, Bow Tie

Ever since I purchased my first suit, I have been on a mission to improve my suit look. In my younger days, I used to explore my father’s accessory drawer, and I often came across his collection of cufflinks.

At the time, I didn’t understand their purpose or how to properly use them. The act of fastening my shirts with these small accessories seemed too complex for me.

When I got older, I started to understand and appreciate the purpose of these small accessories that can separate your outfit from any other outfit. I am not saying to wear cufflinks for your everyday look, but if you have a serious meeting with a client or an important event and want to make a statement, get yourself a pair of cufflinks and French Cuff Dress Shirts.


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What are Cufflinks?

Cufflinks are formal jewelry pieces traditionally worn by men. They serve the purpose of fastening the sides of shirt cuffs and are commonly worn for formal occasions. Cufflinks represent a timeless quality that never goes out of style.

Although many formal shirts have buttons at the cuffs, custom-made or high-quality shirts allow you to use cufflinks to fasten your shirts. For example, if you are looking for a wedding outfit, I recommend choosing a shirt that can be used with cufflinks.

Man Wearing White Shirt with Cufflinks
Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash

Why Cufflinks Matter?

If you work in an environment where formal attire is required, it is worth investing in suit accessories that will make your outfit stand out from the crowd. On the other hand, cufflinks can be an excellent gift for your brother, father, or friend. If you pick a well-designed quality one, it can last a lifetime.

There are cufflinks with a matching tie bar. If you want to look out for the finest detail – and by assuming you are reading this article, look out for a pair of cufflinks with a matching tie bar.

Man Wearing a White Shirt Gold Watch, Gold Ring and Black Cufflinks
Photo by Jonathan Francisca

Just as buttons come in different styles and materials, so do cufflinks – but often more extravagantly. Cufflinks are considered a more decorative choice. They can go from classic and minimalist to trendy and fanciful.

Types of Cufflinks

There are a wide array of cufflinks on the market, making them one of the best accessories to showcase your personality. Opting for cufflinks associated with your hobbies or work is a great way to give strangers an indication of what you’re about.

If you want to look smart and professional, you can easily pick a subtle round pair.

Silver and Black Camera Looking Cufflinks
Camera Looking Cufflinks captured by Yaya The Creator

Another personal story: One day, I was walking along the coast of Lake Balaton in Hungary and saw a well-dressed man standing next to his sailboat. He was wearing a plain white shirt with anchor-shaped cufflinks. I didn’t know him, but I instantly recognized that he was passionate about his sailboat and sailing in general. The right pair of cufflinks can achieve the same effect for you.

Best Cufflinks

The best cufflinks seamlessly blend exquisite craftsmanship, timeless design, and premium materials. They add a sophisticated touch to any ensemble, enhancing one’s style with understated elegance. These accessories reflect individuality and elevate formal and casual attire alike.

Hugo Boss Round Cufflinks with Enamel Core and Logo

Hugo Boss Round Cufflinks with Enamel Core and Logo
Hugo Boss Round Cufflinks with Enamel Core and Logo

Dannyshi Mens Classic Stainless Steel Initial Cufflinks

Dannyshi Mens Classic Stainless Steel Initial Cufflinks
Dannyshi Mens Classic Stainless Steel Initial Cufflinks

Mango Copper Geometric Cufflinks

If you are looking for a great value, this is one of the best gold cufflinks for your suit.

Mango Man Copper Geometric Cufflinks
Mango Man Copper Geometric Cufflinks

Cufflinks as Gifts

As mentioned, cufflinks can be a great personal gift that will stand the test of time. Cufflinks are usually sold in their own small box, which makes them the perfect birthday gifts for any man who wears suits, whether it is your colleague, a relative, or a friend.

Man in Blue Suit Jacket Wearing Gold Analog Watch
Photo by Ruthson Zimmerman

How to Care for Your Cufflinks

Generally speaking, cufflinks are relatively easy accessories to care for, but there are some recommended practices you can follow. After use, wipe them away with a soft damped cloth.

To ensure their longevity, store them in a designated cufflink box or pouch to prevent scratching or damage. Like any small metal accessory, cufflinks can sustain scratches and other damages if not stored properly.

Cufflinks Box

Glenor Co Cufflink Box for Men

This cufflink box holds up to 70 cufflinks, keeping them safe, organized, and beautifully displayed.

How to Put on a Pair of Cufflinks

Putting on cufflinks and using them is simple. Follow these steps:

  1. First, ensure your shirt has French cuffs.
  2. Insert your arms through the sleeves and fasten the regular buttons.
  3. Fold back the cuffs so the holes align.
  4. Insert one cufflink through both holes, ensuring the decorative side faces out.
  5. Then, secure the other end by flipping the fastening mechanism into place.
  6. Finally, repeat on the other cuff. Adjust for comfort and style.

3 Tips for Wearing Cufflinks

1. Do Not Wear Them Daily to the Office

Don’t wear your cufflinks to work daily unless you own the place. Instead, wear cufflinks for formal events and meetings with clients.

2. Wear Them Smartly

For social events, choose cufflinks that complement your appearance rather than overpowering it. Additionally, always ensure your metals match; if you’re wearing silver cufflinks, pair them with a silver watch.

3. Let Them Tell a Story

Cufflinks shouldn’t be showy. They should be a subtle accessory that tells a story about your personality. Don’t buy flashy, cufflinks, find a pair that is subtle and matches the occasion and your personality.


Cufflinks are still relevant to this day. Although they are not as common as they were in their prime if you want to make your outfit special, wearing a pair of cufflinks that represents your style will definitely make you stand out.

OTAA Antique Silver Anchor Cufflinks

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