The Best Wedding Suits For The Big Day And After

Unlike a wedding dress, a man’s wedding suit can be worn at any time of the year. That’s why it’s worth investing in a quality piece for the big day. In the following article, we’ll cover suits from the basics to the most extraordinary ones.

Suits on Racks in Store

Let’s be honest purchasing a wedding suit can feel like an overwhelming task, even for the most stylish shopper. Our goal with the following article is to help you choose the right suit that you can proudly wear on your big day and after. We regularly write about style tips – if you are interested in the 7 Simple Jackets You Should Own to be Stylish, check out our article. You will find the best wedding suit colors and patterns and how to pick a suit for your big day in this article.

1. Black Suit

First, we probably can’t make a list without the black suit. It is the most modest and cleanest option you can pick. The downside is that you will not stand out with it. If you would like to wear black on your wedding day, we recommend picking a black tuxedo. You will not wear it as much after the big day, but trust me, you will look exceptional on your wedding day. Plus, it will come in handy if you want to go to the opera or any high fashionable event.

Man Wearing Tuxedo and Holding Two Glasses of Champagne on His Wedding
Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

2. Navy Blue Suit

It is the general favorite for grooms all around the world. Like the black suit, the navy blue suit should already be an essential part of your collection. It is perfect for nearly any occasion, whether you are spending a day in the office, going to meetings, getting cocktails at a bar, or going to your wedding. Navy Blue is one of the best wedding suit colors a man can choose for their big day.

Navy Blue Suit With Red Tie

3. Charcoal Gray Suit

Many people say that gray colors are blended and saturated. While it’s maybe true with cars or accessories, you wouldn’t believe how rare a gray suit is, especially at a wedding.

Man Wearing Charcoal Gray Suit with Blue Tie

If you’re a young-looking man and want to look more mature, this shade of grey is perfect for you as it tends to make people look a little older. If you’re already on the flip-side of 50, a charcoal grey suit can make you look more wisened and distinguished, like a college professor.

Like a navy blue suit, this suit is notably versatile. It can be worn for any occasion, and because of its neutral base color, a variety of shirt and tie combinations work with it.

4. Light Gray Suit

Now onto the light colored suits for the wedding. This color may seem casual, but if you find a great three-piece one, pair it with a classy pocket square and boutonnière, it will be the perfect suit for your wedding.

Man Groom Wearing Light Gray Suit

5. Light Blue Suit

We are slowly transitioning into more unique colors. The light blue color is the perfect choice for summer weddings. Pick a lighter fabric such as linen or cotton, and you will be good to go.

Man Groom Wearing Light Blue Suit

6. Dark Brown Suit

A dark brown suit can be an excellent option for both light and dark skin men. Aside from light blue, a dark brown suit is the least formal of the suit colors listed so far, but it is still a great piece to wear on your wedding day since it is a somewhat unique color. If you want it to work, make sure the fit is perfect. If it fits you, the formality doesn’t matter that much. A dark brown suit can be the perfect choice for a fall wedding as it compliments the colors of the leaves.

Black Man Wearing Dark Brown Suit

7. Tan Suit

Many politicians, such as Barack Obama or Joe Biden’s use of tan suits, caused quite the controversy around this color in the previous years, but don’t let that prevent you from trying it out. The beige suit is one of the best options for sunny weddings.


That’s why the tan is another excellent summer option. It is the perfect choice if you plan to have your wedding at a special place, like a beach, since the tan outlines the color of sand. Because it is a summer suit, you’ll also want to stay away from heavy fabrics. Consider getting one made from linen or cotton.

8. Maroon Suit

A maroon or burgundy color is perfect if you have a darker skin tone. It is another one of those rare suits that barely anyone pick. If you wear a maroon suit, you will definitely have all the looks at the wedding and outside.


9. Patterned Suit

Patterns are the easiest way to make a simple colored suit look special. The two best patterns that every man should try are pinstripes and checkered. Whether you’re buying a navy blue pinstriped or maroon-colored, checkered-patterned suit, you’re going to look unique and stand out – just like the suit worn by Matthew McConaughey in the 2019 gangster movie The Gentleman.

Matthew McConaughey In Patterned Suit Afternoon Tea The Gentlemen 2019
Matthew McConaughey as Mickey Pearson in © The Gentlemen, 2019

10. White Suit

Well, white suits are not something you would wear every day, but it is definitely the most exceptional color on our list. If you wear suits outside formal events, a white suit can look great on you on your vacation.

Man Groom Wearing White Suit

11. Extra – Green

I bet you hardly think about the following color. That’s why I listed it as an optional extra, but if you are looking for something special on your wedding day and unique attire that you can wear on special occasions, a Green three-piece suit can be an excellent option for your big day. In the worst-case scenario, you will have a suit for St. Patrick’s Day.

Man Wearing a Green Three Piece Suit for Wedding with Tie Bow and Pocket Square