TD Links Review: Leather Accessories for the Modern Man

Timeless British elegance with a modern touch. If you like to dress classy and appreciate high-quality leather accessories, you need to hear about TD Links. Their signature black leather combined with their iconic golden logo makes you stand out with your accessories.

TD Links Accessories Wallet iPhone Phone Case

We couldn’t have felt happier when we discovered the brand of today’s review. Why is that? TD Links represents the same core values as we do at Midway Gentleman. It is an Essex-based fashion brand focusing on making the highest quality accessories for modern gentlemen.

Timeless leather accessories with a youthful touch. If you want to upgrade your suit with a stylish tie or are looking for a new, trendy wallet that you will proudly take out on your first date, then you need to hear about TD Links.

About TD Links

First, I want to start this review with the introduction of the brand. TD Links was founded in 2021 to revolutionize men’s accessories and bring back the pride of the gentleman’s lifestyle. Their brand embodies personal development and change in the world we live in.

TD Links’ mission is to make you stand out with your accessories. Your accessories should highlight your personality, not hide it.

TD Links Leather Accessories Review

The relationship between our emotions and the way we dress is a fundamental part of our behavior and identity. Therefore they want everyone who wears their products to feel confident and be the best version of themselves.

TD Links’ Mission

A brand without a mission is not something with which we, as customers, can build a close relationship. Now, when I asked founder Tolani about the brand’s mission, he said:

“Many great fashion brands have come out of the UK, such as Gymshark who transformed the gym wear space. Trapstar has taken over streetwear. TD Links’ mission is to revolutionize the menswear space. Our accessories are just the start, we are currently working on our clothing line to cater to smart casual fashion.

Along with creating timeless, high-quality products, we want to be a brand that motivates and inspires people – after all being a gentleman is a lifestyle.”

– Tolani, Founder


Pricing is another aspect where TD Links dominate. When it comes to quality and price, you won’t find a better deal anywhere else. How is that possible? They ship straight to their customers, so there are no additional fees on their products added by resellers.

TD Links Review Phone Case

TD Links Bestsellers

TD Links specializes in crafting accessories for modern gentlemen. It comes as no surprise that their top-selling items are suit accessories. They dedicate a significant amount of time to carefully selecting the right manufacturers, ensuring the highest quality for their customers.

Gold Cord Plated Cufflinks

Cufflinks are an underrated piece that few people wear, yet if you want to upgrade your formal outfit, one of the simplest ways is with cufflinks. Add some shine to your sleeve with these stylish cufflinks.

These cufflinks feature four brushed gold-toned rings that are knotted together for an eye-catching look.

TD Links Review - Gold Cord Plated Cufflinks
TD Links – Gold Cord Plated Cufflinks

The origins of menswear were centered around formality. It’s great to see TD Links taking it back to the roots of men’s fashion with their cufflinks. These cufflinks will accompany you for a long time.

Black Croco Card Holder

The wallet is handmade with the finest Italian calfskin leather. This timeless Croco design is a classic TD Links piece. It has an elegant, unique look which you will definitely not confuse with other wallets.

TD Links Accessories Wallet iPhone Phone Case

Their Essential collection includes the cardholder, keychain, and iPhone case. If you appreciate the consistent quality look of your accessories, check out this collection.

Skywalker Blue Tie Set

TD Links are not only offering single packaged products but sets as well where they carefully combine accessories that match together, so you don’t have to think about what goes to what.

Every tie set they produce is presented in a luxurious box.

TD Links Review Skywalker Blue Tie Set

The Skywalker Blue Tie Set is the perfect gift for groomsmen and a kit they can use at any future event – including weddings, graduations, proms, award ceremonies, or any formal occasion.

TD Links Review - Skywalker Blue Tie Set

 The tie set above is an ultimate wedding groomsmen gift set box including:

  • Skywalker Blue Paisley Tie (Length: 146cm and blade width: 8cm)
  • Cufflinks
  • Tie Clip
  • Pocket Square


Although TD Links operates from the UK, you don’t have to worry if you want to buy their products from another country as they are shipping internationally, straight to your doorstep. That’s one of the reasons why they have such a great price. They cut the middleman and ship straight to you, so there are no additional fees for their products.

Final Thoughts

Finally, there’s no denying that TD Links is a relatively new brand on the market, as it was founded this year. However, their team, vision, and products set the bar high. They know their customers and their needs.

They want to make the gentleman lifestyle known again. If you are into quality accessories and are looking to buy a new wallet or stylish phone case or simply want to give your suit a modest upgrade, check out their store.

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